Postpartum Tissue and Allograft Infusions


We source and use the safest and most effective tissues available.

All living animals have stem cells. Stem cells continuously replenish and repair many of the bodies tissues. Some, but not all, stem cells have the ability to become any of the cell types in the human body. This makes them a potentially universal weapon in our fight against injuries and diseases.

We offer high quality injections of postpartum allograft tissues. Post-partum fetal tissue is rich in Mesenchymal stem cells, and these cells have a low risk of rejection because the lack of surface proteins, which can lead to rejection, and are therefore immunologically privileged. These stem cells can turn into any of the body's 200 cell types, and theoretically live as long as the body does, unlike most cells. 

Here at PRISM we are committed to using only the safest and most effective tissues available,and have contracted with the best sources in the USA. Some tissue and cell sources have been proven to provide better results for specific needs, and we will use those sources and their products depending on the patient's goals. We do not rely on just one source. All of our companies are FDA inspected and compliant and use only carefully screened and donated tissues from the mother’s placenta and the baby's cord blood. These tissue sources are usually discarded after the baby is born, and the mother and baby are not harmed in any way.

Stem cell infusions first start with a consultation with Dr. Lonnie Paulos MD, to ensure you are a good candidate for immediate stem cell infusions or will require a preparatory period prior to infusion. Consultations can be offered in office or over the phone.