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Specializing in Knee, Shoulder, and Sports Injuries for All Ages

Dr. Paulos and his team support more than 1,000 patient visits each year with the least invasive most successful treatment based on patient goals. He has invented and developed both surgical and non-surgical procedures that are considered the "gold standard" for treatments around the world


Dr. Paulos approaches each patient by considering all non-surgical remedies first and accessing their suitability for both operative and non-operative treatment. It's the patient's choice when and if they are ready for orthopedic surgery. 


Beginning with the best outcome in mind, he will guide you through the entire process from pre-surgical preparation to post-operative therapy helping you understand and contribute to your own recovery and accelerating your “return to play”.


Dr. Paulos invented or has superior surgical skills with ACL repair, PCL repair, Meniscus replacement, Cartilage replacement, Patella (knee cap) repair, limb deformity correction, Muscle & tendon repairs, Rotator cuff repair

Joint replacement, Joint resurfacing, Joint preservation, and Fracture repair.

Dr. Paulos sees patients in their early teens to golden years. From sports injuries to accidents and everyday injuries, you can trust your care to the Paulos team.


His arsenal of tools ranges from early assessment, injury avoidance, performance, non-surgical intervention, surgery, post-surgical rehabilitation, and ongoing maintenance.


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Non-Surgical & Surgical Solutions - Shoulder, Knee, and Sports Injuries



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Human Tissue and STEM Cells, IV and Oral Nutraceuticals, Corrective Exercises & Devices, Healing Enhancements

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Patients Speak Their Mind

I met Dr. Paulos in 1990. I had fallen on my skis and slid 200 feet. In addition to a shoulder dislocation, I had a Hills-Sachs deformity and Bankart fracture. I was convinced that I needed an operation. Dr. Paulos told me that I could rehab the shoulder and do well without surgery. He accompanied me to the physical therapist and showed me and the therapist the appropriate exercises. I never did dislocate the shoulder again and recovered well. Dr. Paulos operated on my other shoulder 16 years later. Despite visits to several different physical therapists, I am still doing exercises that only Dr. Paulos has demonstrated. Both shoulders continue to do well. I feel quite fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Lonnie Paulos

Howie Garber, MD, Emergency Physician

Dr. Lonnie Paulos performed an ACL knee surgery on me from a skiing accident. I was told about the experience I would be having from him in detail. What the operation would entail, what the process when be for my physical therapy and when I would be able to get back to skiing. In every aspect of the pre-surgery, surgery and the post-surgery I have been 100 percent satisfied with the skill Dr. Paulos operated and the outcome. He is the best orthopedic surgeon in this Country. I have healed properly and I'm active in many sports in my 50ies. I run into people all the time that tell me they are suffering from knee operations. My first question is always, who was your Doctor? My thoughts when they tell me about their doctor is normally the same; why didn't they chose Dr. Paulos and be where I'm at today. I'm Active and healthy after knee surgery! I truly think he made the difference from what kind of lifestyle I'm living today. Thanks Dr. Paulos for giving me my active life back again!

Dr. Paulos did surgery on my right shoulder and it was like a miracle. I now need to see him again for an unrelated problem. I look forward to another miracle. I would recommend him to everyone. And, yes, I have seen other OS with disappointment, but not Dr. Paulos.

Kathleen Noel


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Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County 84121


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