Patients Speak Their Mind

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I have gone to 6 different surgeons on my knee and no one could give me hope. Dr Poulos and his staff are all very personable and they care. Very important to me. I would tell everyone that needs help go to Dr. P

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I am a 43 yr old female who's had some major issues with my knees for many yrs. I was recommended by my husband to go see this AWESOME caring and warm hearted doctor. I finally gave in and seen Dr P. Wow was I ever so impressed upon how I was treated the moment I walked through the door and until I had to leave. The team that Dr Paulos has is a great team (including him)!!!! Just a heads up.... I've gone through 9 knee surgeries and most have been done by Dr. Paulos. But, I'm working on having another surgery soon (PFR) on my knee. This is due to my knees are worn out and heredity is evil. I TOTALLY WOULD RECOMMEND DR. PAULOS AND HIS TEAM TO ALL! He's got some great back ground for helping others (UTAH UTES PLAYERS/COACH, MANY HIGH SCHOOLS, OLYMPIANS, AND MORE) to be able to play and do things that they've wanted to achieve in their lives. He's also done some inventing of braces and more. Dr Paulos and team are the one you want for your Dr/team!!!

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Dr. Paulos is a thorough and thoughtful physician. His experience speaks for itself and is supported by his professional demeanor. Dr. Paulos has been one of my go to physicians for a variety of medical concerns related to active pursuits and everyday opportunities. Among these have included athletic related injury to lower and upper limbs. Additionally I have referred multiple colleagues to Dr. Paulos all of which have experienced successful outcomes with significant functional improvement. Dr. Paulos's techniques are innovated and well considered in my opinion. I believe strongly that Dr. Paulos keeps his patients best interests at heart and in my experience has only provided necessary advice with realistic outcomes. When speaking to Dr. Paulos's professionalism and medical ability, I challenge other comments that speak poorly or act as a misrepresentation to my first hand experience. I without a doubt would recommend Dr. Paulos for any related medical concerns that are within his listed area of interest.

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I saw Dr. Paulos for the constant knee pain I was experiencing during my trail runs. After a long and thorough appointment including xrays and multiple hands-on tests, he sat down with me and took the time to explain EXACTLY what was going on with my knees and what my options were to fix them. I was expecting him to recommend surgery because he was a surgeon but instead he said he wanted to avoid that and would only cut as a last resort. I was so impressed by his commitment to natural healing and prevention and never once felt any pressure to get surgery. Two years later, after taking Dr. Paulos's advice and training tips and seeing the PT he sent me to, I am back trail running with zero pain and swelling. I will never see another knee doctor. I felt so taken care of, Dr. Paulos took the time to listen to my issues, understanding my need to be active and put together an excellent plan to get me back on the dirt. Having a doctor who actually listens to you and understands you is so hard to find not to mention one who takes prevention as seriously has they take healing. I send anyone who asks to Dr. Paulos and have never heard anything but praise from those who have taken my advice and seen him.

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He did a TKR and it has given me back my quality of life it just does not get any better than this. I had the chance to see other surgeons but they did not seem very positive about the outcome. These guys knew what they were doing and did it with a very positive attitude. They explained every step that they were taking and took the time to answer all of questions that I had. I should have done this years earlier. Thanks to the entire staff.