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Orthopedic Bracing Redefined

We would like to invite you to help us change the game in sports injuries. X-Brace is looking for partners to help us bring this revolutionary product to market.


Unlike traditional braces that simply "protect" the knee, our patented design provides the ability to correct positional faults, build strength, reduce time "off-the-field", and reduce atrophy that is associated with rigid braces.

In addition, it incorporates the multi-billion dollar pre-injury market with a reasonably priced alternative where the potential user base is more than 100x that of the post-injury opportunity.

Face it, the world of sports medicine has changed. Athletic assessment technologies demand that we address athletes at moderate to high risk before they are injured, and not after. These technologies can reduce the risk of injury and reduce the cost of liability insurance!

Your choice is to either sit the athlete out until the risk can be reduced, or provide a solution that minimizes time away from play.

Please contact us to determine how you can join the team that developed the industry's most successful post-injury knee brace and how you can play a significant role in bringing this great new product to market.




  • Micro-Adjustment to Correct Internal Rotation

  • Reduce Hyper-Extensions and Medial, Inward Collapse

  • Positional Fault Correction

  • Variable Resistance to Build Muscle Strength

  • Minimal Interruption of Play

  • No Metal or Hinges

  • Low Cost


MARKET - $5.8B

Boys During a Sports Practice

Quick Facts:

  • Early assessment is driving the need for new, innovative and effective solutions.

  • 90% of parents worry that their child will suffer a game, season, or career ending injury.

  • 200,000 ACL injuries annually

  • 70% of injuries are non-contact

  • $7.68 B impact



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  • Solution for both pre-injury and post-injury.

  • Low-cost - Target Price $200

  • No metal parts

  • Engages muscles, does not isolate.

  • Legal for soccer

  • No Slippage



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