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To My Patients

In my opinion, the patient is no longer at the center of medical treatment; they have been replaced by the dollar and relegated to a commodity.

Many, if not most, physicians have been reduced to obligated employees, or “providers”, on a list that controls their choices and treatment protocols.

This situation creates a great deal of stress and frustration for patients and physicians. No longer can the patient choose their doctor based on prior history, skills and outcomes. . I consider myself an excellent “care-giver”, not just a surgeon on a list of providers, PIN numbers, or employees.

I studied hard to be the best, and have not only continued to stay current with new medical advances, but also researched, developed and taught many my self.  No longer does this approach to a medical practice seem to matter to the “business” of medicine.

I will be taking my orthopedic practice in a different and hopefully better direction. I plan on focusing my skills and efforts to helping patients avoid surgery if possible, learn more about their problems and choices, avoid injuries and specifically recover from injuries to the knee, shoulder and brain.

Why the brain? It is now recognized as one of the most serious injuries that athletes, veterans and accident victims can sustain. More is being learned about the brain everyday, and the ability for clinicians to make a difference by recognizing, preventing and treating brain injuries has never been better.  As a team physician, athlete, and military consultant, I have seen a multitude of brain injuries and the consequences they create with family, work and life.

My new practice will allow me to provide second opinions, evaluations and treatments, concerning brain, knee, and shoulder injuries based on over 40 years of active practice and performing over 30,000 surgical procedures.

The resulting changes will allow me to provide proven, innovative, alternative medical treatments and surgeries, that will be enhanced with symbiotic modalities, including hyperbaric oxygen, electro-magnetic (UV/laser) advances, regenerative cell and exosome injections, platelet rich plasma infusions, IV and oral supplements, bio-identical hormones (male and female), as well as enzyme and peptide infusions for specific deficiencies.

Other experienced physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, and chiropractors will join me, and our clinic will be part of an international network of like-minded healthcare professionals, which will allow us to draw on worldwide expertise.

We will determine treatments on a case-by-case basis, based on specific injuries, metabolic imbalances and patient needs.

Patients will understand the costs, and pre-pay, or arrange to pay, in advance of any treatment. No more sticker shock, after the treatment. We will fill-out all insurance forms for you and will submit them to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

If surgery is required, and you wish me to be the surgeon, then I will negotiate the lowest price for you at the facility where I am performing surgery.

We have contacted a reputable healthcare loan company that can help with financing if needed.

‍If you choose to transfer your care or continue to see me, it will be important that you request a copy of your medical records from my previous employer, Steward Family Health.

My future clinic location is still being decided, however, my new phone number and fax number beginning 2/1/20, will be; 801-938-9223 ph 801-938-9223 fax. If you call my present number, 801-733-9924, you should also be redirected to my office. Because of the recent events surrounding the CCVirus, my plans to re-open my clinic (on a limited basis)

has been delayed. The anticipated date is now June or July and the location will be across the hall from my former office, suite 100.

I am truly humbled by the trust you have placed in me as your orthopedic surgeon.  I hope, that after your visit, you came to understand that I was a doctor first, and a surgeon second.  Also, after learning about your problem, the care you received, was your educated choice, with……“No pressure – No hype”. (a salute to my late brother Gus 😀)

My practice has been driven by a desire to return my patients to a normal life and activities by using the latest, safest and least invasive treatments possible. Despite being a surgeon, surgery was always my last choice.

You, my patient, have fueled my passion for orthopedic surgery through the gratitude, loyalty and kindness you have shared with me. I shared your happiness, or disappointment, many times over. It was personal for me, not just business.

Dr. Leon (Lonnie) Paulos MD

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