Lonnie Paulos, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Specializing in knee, shoulder, and sports medicine issues - telemedicine consultations and second opinions.

Specializing In These Areas


I have over 40 years of experience diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating knee injuries from congenital to traumatic problems. I developed and refined many procedures in the knee that are still considered “state of the art” by today's standards; ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, meniscus transplant, cartilage repair, knee replacement and patella pain and instability. Also, surgical and non-surgical protocols for failed knee treatments which have resulted in chronic pain and disability.


I am a pioneer in many arthroscopic and open surgical procedures concerning the shoulder. I have extensive experience with instability, rotator cuff repair and replacement surgical procedures. I pioneered shoulder procedures such as arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, ligament repair and reconstruction and replacement. Non-surgical solutions to shoulder maladies are often the first and most effective approach.

Sports Medicine

Sports injuries of all types require accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment, in order to return the athlete to his or her sport, as fast and as safely as possible. There are a number of “outside the box” treatments that can be considered in conjunction with the usual and established treatment protocols. Having participated in sports at a highly competitive level gives me the genuine incentive to help athletes not only recover from their problem but to also return in even better condition than when they were injured. I have trained over 250 postgraduate orthopedic surgeons interested in the latest and best sports medicine techniques.

Second Opinions

Many times it is uncomfortable for a patient to request a second opinion from their treating physician. However, anytime surgery is recommended, or your recovery is not as smooth as you were hoping for, then no physician should be insulted or annoyed that you request a second opinion. Many times, those physicians who are comfortable with their treatment will suggest that you consider a second opinion if you wish.

The fact that I am no longer performing surgery,  allows you to request a second opinion from me without causing alarm or concern with your treating physician.

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Common Questions

How do I book an appointment?
Please contact our office directly by calling 801-349-1000 or by starting a Second Opinion appointment via Best in Class MD here
Do you take insurance?
I no longer participate as a physician in any insurance plans. However, my staff will provide you with the necessary paperwork, after your consultation,  so you can submit it to your insurance provider for reimbursement
Do you take previous patients?
Previous patients are welcome. If it is concerning a problem for which I have already treated you, it will still be necessary to obtain your medical records from Physicians Group Of Utah (PGU), my former employer. Previous patients should call our office directly 801-349-1000, costs for previous patients will be based on time required at a discounted rate.
What is your peer-recognized specialty that they refer patients to you, for your opinion?
I receive orthopedic surgeon referrals for multiple failed ligament surgeries of the knee, patella instability and chronic pain, staged knee surgeries requiring bone realignment surgery, failed rotator cuff surgery and failed shoulder stabilization procedures. 
Are you available for in-person consultation?
Yes, however, it is necessary to discuss with a tele-medicine visit prior to scheduling an in-person clinic visit. Many times, a clinic visit is not necessary. 
If I can not get my medical records, will you still consult with me?
Yes, depending on the problem and your recollection of treatment details, I may be able to provide an informed second opinion. If not, then we can help you with the details on how to obtain your records.